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Visitor Profile

Building Design and Development Professionals
Architects, Building/Consulting Engineers, Development Companies, Plant Owners and Operators, Building & Construction, Engineering, Consultant Service, Mechanical and Electrical Contractors.

Energy Users in Business, Industry and Public Sector
Air Conditioning & Refrigerators Offices, Army/ Police, Auto Parts, Components & Automobile Assemblers, Retail units, Hotels, Sports and Leisure Centres, Community Centres, Healthcare/ Hospitals, Cosmetic, Pharmachem, Food and Agri, Mining, Iron, Steel, Metal and Machine Manufacturers, Forestry and Timber, Electronics, Local Authorities, Third Level Institutions, Waste and Water Pumping, Small and Medium Enterprises, Plastic & Rubber, Printing & Packing, Pulp & Paper,Textile & Garment, Leather &  Footwear, Petrochemical, Furniture.  

Energy Suppliers and Providers
Independent Power Producers, Local Authorities, Renewable Energy Developers, State Utilities, Agents and Distributors, Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Related Interests
Banks and Financial Institutions, Environmental NGOs. Education Institutes, Government Agencies

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Grand City Convex - Surabaya, Indonesia

Exhibition Hours:
Wed, 27 June : 10.00-18.00
Thu, 28 June  : 10.00-18.00
Fri, 29 June    : 10.00-17.30

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