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Take Benefit from Indo Renergy 2018

  • INDO RENERGY 2018 is a focused event offered comprehensive information on new innovation technology to help the renewable and new energy  industry improve its efficiency.
  • INDO RENERGY 2018 will bring together key decision makers from the various manufacturing companies came to count on the event to explore new energy resources options for their business segments.
  • INDO RENERGY 2018 has been designed to give exhibitors the opportunity to network with decision makers and top brass. People who may really ‘call the shots’. It is important since your time is valuable so that networking with people who can make the decision you need is what this major event is all about.
  • INDO RENERGY 2018 is perfectly timed to take full advantage of the business opportunities arising from the increase in budgets allocated for financial services.
  • INDO RENERGY 2018 is designed for business. You will have the added benefit to meet a broad range of related M&E professional as Indo Water 2017 and Indo Waste 2017. It is international shows under one roof, this will be magnet for high-level professionals from M&E sector to witness all the remarkable solutions from the world in one location.

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Visitor Information


Grand City Convex - Surabaya, Indonesia

Exhibition Hours:
Wed, 27 June : 10.00-18.00
Thu, 28 June  : 10.00-18.00
Fri, 29 June    : 10.00-17.30

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