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Advanced Product

Discover new ideas and solutions presented by 250 exhibitors from 30 countries across the world.

B2B Business Matching

An exclusive platform provided to help exhibitors meet with the right buyers at the right time.

FREE Technical Presentation

A high profile stage that allows exhibitors to present products to visitors providing a detailed understanding of their products lines and how they can benefit from it.

Under One Roof - 3 Key Events

Indo Renergy

The 10th Indonesia's No.1 Renewable Energy Event

Indo Water

The 14th Indonesia's No.1 Water, Wastewater and Recycling Technology Event

Indo Waste

The 10th Indonesia's No.1 Waste Technology and Industry Event

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Visitor Information


Grand City Convex - Surabaya, Indonesia

Exhibition Hours:
Wed, 27 June : 10.00-18.00
Thu, 28 June  : 10.00-18.00
Fri, 29 June    : 10.00-17.30

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